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If you are going through the process of divorce, a dispute over child custody, or any other family law matter, our attorneys at The Leges Group can serve you. For more than 4 years our managing family law attorney, Nikolas Capitano has provided aggressive representation in both litigation and mediation. When you need an experienced attorney who will work with you to serve the interest of you and your family, you can turn to our staff. While many attorneys might be focused on a legal matter as quickly as possible, our divorce attorney in Reading Pennsylvania is committed to ensuring that each of our clients receives compassionate, aggressive, and personalized legal services.

Personalizing Legal Strategies for Clients


By offering customized family law services, we meet with each client one-on-one to better understand what they and their family are facing. This personal approach can provide us with crucial details that could prove to be the difference in custody or support conference, litigation or mediation. Our founding Reading family law attorney is a no-nonsense advocate and is focused on making sure each of our clients receive the level of legal representation deserved.

This dedication to providing superior legal services has allowed us to be recognized with a wide range of praise from both clients and fellow attorneys. Over the course of his career, Attorney Nikolas Capitano has handled cases in various counties across the commonwealth and is comfortable navigating the courtroom of any city or township. Understanding that the legal matter you and your family are facing can have a major impact on your lives, our staff and attorneys are focused on making sure you receive the competent and candied legal representation you deserve.

When a Marital Separation Involves The Custody of Your Children


Child custody is perhaps the most contested element of any divorce proceeding, as well it should be—it decides how parents will raise their child and can determine a child’s well-being for the rest of their life. Learn more about Pennsylvania child custody laws by reading further or calling our child custody lawyers at 610-228-2828 for a consultation.


The Law Office of Nikolas D. Capitano, Esquire., The Leges Group LLC takes child custody and visitation cases very seriously. We know the deep emotional needs a family has, which is why we prioritize the emotional health of our clients children in every child custody case. Our highly-skilled family law attorney, Nikolas D. Capitano, and his team provides creative solutions that can build something new and beneficial out of your current family situation.

When we work with clients on child custody agreements, we fight for the benefit of our client's their child and their family as a whole. Our aim is to create an agreement that is good for all parties involved—for the children and both the parents. Our firm recognizes that the ideal situation includes both parents. Whenever possible, we create equitable solutions that allow both parents to work cooperatively for the sake of their child, but in cases where an amicable agreement is unattainable, our client's can rest easy knowing our attorneys are prepared to fight for their rights in a court of law.


I have never felt so mellow meeting with a lawyer, who cares!!!!! He meet with me on a Sunday explained everything and is honest and reasonable and actually listened to what I had to say. Great great attorney. Still stuck on meeting me on a Sunday that should tell you something right there he worked around my schedule. Thank you!!!

Mr. Mike Kauffman

Mr. Capitano helped make a difficult situation much easier to deal with. He helped explain things during every step of my divorce. He was very easy to talk to and made sure I got everything I deserved during the divorce and he worked with all the obstacles along the way.

Ms. Kerri Weigman

Highly recommend him. Hes affordable, reasonable, and best of all, he will aim to work with you no matter what is thrown at him. Hes very polite, very friendly, very understanding and I'm so grateful I chose him as my first ever lawyer. Doesnt force you into anything. If a lawyer is needed, definitely go to him. Hes worth the time and effort. I was scared due to this being the first time dealing with a case, and he definitely eased my fear. Just right away he has that peaceful, calming aura to him. Not at all what I thought it was going to be.

Ms. Shannon Young

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