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Divorce can often be a messy, painful business. Not only are you dealing with all of the emotional and mental stress of being separated, but you and your former partner must also hammer out the financial and legal matters as well.

During the transition that occurs after the divorce, it can be extremely difficult to carry on without the financial support of a spouse. When this occurs, there is an opportunity for alimony, or spousal support during the time following the separation.

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What is Alimony?

Alimony, also known as spousal support or maintenance, is a court-ordered payment from one spouse to another after divorce or separation. Its purpose is to provide financial support to a spouse who is financially dependent on the other spouse, particularly in situations where one spouse earns significantly more income or has greater financial resources than the other.

The amount and duration of alimony payments are typically determined based on various factors, including:

  • Income Disparity: The difference in income between the spouses, with the goal of ensuring that both spouses can maintain a similar standard of living after divorce.
  • Duration of Marriage: The length of the marriage can influence the duration of alimony payments. Longer marriages may result in longer-term or permanent alimony, while shorter marriages may lead to temporary alimony or no alimony at all.
  • Financial Needs: The financial needs of the recipient spouse, including their ability to support themselves and any dependents, are considered in determining the amount of alimony.
  • Earning Capacity: The earning capacity of each spouse, including their education, skills, and ability to earn income, is taken into account.
  • Contributions to the Marriage: Non-financial contributions to the marriage, such as homemaking, child-rearing, or supporting the other spouse's career, may be considered in awarding alimony.
  • Standard of Living: The standard of living established during the marriage is often used as a benchmark for determining the appropriate level of alimony.

Alimony can be awarded in various forms, including lump-sum payments, periodic payments for a specified duration, or ongoing payments until certain conditions are met (such as remarriage or the death of either spouse). The specific terms of alimony are determined by the court based on the circumstances of each case and the laws of the jurisdiction.

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How Is Alimony Calculated in Reading Pennsylvania?

In a normal alimony case, a judge must look at multiple factors about the two partners' relationship, background, and previous history before deciding whether to grant alimony, as well as how much to grant.

According to Section 3701 of the Pennsylvania Divorce Code, the judge must carefully examine all these features to properly determine the extent and manner of alimony.

Some of these key factors include:

  • Each of the parties’ current and past earnings, along with their potential capability of earning an income in the future
  • The current ages of both parties, as well as their mental, emotional, and physical capabilities and conditions, both in the past and in the present
  • Any other potential sources of financial aid for both parties, including such benefits as retirement, medical, insurance aid, or inheritances
  • The potential expectancies of life, as well as conditions of the parties’ individual familial inheritances
  • The length of the marriage
  • The extent that one of the members of the marriage contributed to the education or career training of the other party, which could affect abilities to earn income
  • Any financial expenses and obligations which one member will face as serving as the primary custodian of a child
  • The level of each party’s education
  • The contribution of one partner as a homemaker
  • Any possible form of domestic misconduct from either one of the partners

Can Alimony be Modified in Reading?

Sometimes an initial arrangement of alimony needs to be changed, due to an alteration in one or both parties’ lives. When this occurs, the former partner can apply to have the spousal support modified, depending on the circumstances, such as one party becoming injured or disabled, or losing a source of income.

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