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Some of the most difficult and delicate situations people encounter occur during a divorce. Not only do you have to deal with the emotional, mental, and financial stresses of separating from your partner, but this anxiety becomes a hundred times worse when you are trying to figure out the best arrangement for your child’s needs through custody.

Custodial arrangements can be quite complicated and varied, depending on the status of communication between you and your former partner. Custody will be determined in court, dictating whether parents will receive joint or sole custody, and what restrictions will be put into place.

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Determining a Child’s Best Interest in PA

Ultimately, when it comes to seeking an appropriate custody arrangement, the most important factor is making sure your child’s emotional, physical, and mental needs are taken care of. To ensure this, every court will use its own standards to make sure that the child’s interests are at the forefront.

In Pennsylvania, some of the most typical considerations include:

  • The strength of the relationships between the child and other familial members, including parents, brothers and sisters, grandparents, or other guardians and caregivers
  • The parents’ capability in caring for a child’s physical needs, with appropriate food, medicine, and clothes
  • Each parents’ ability to give the child appropriate and safe housing
  • The child’s mental, physical, and emotional health requirements
  • The parents’ mental, physical, and emotional health requirements
  • Any reported incident of domestic violence within the house or among family members
  • The proximity and connection of schools, community activities, churches, sports teams, or other extracurricular and social activities which the child is involved in

All of these elements will help the court ensure that your child has the safest and healthiest arrangement for custody, to provide the least amount of emotional and physical disturbance during the divorce proceedings.

Does PA Favor Mothers in Custody Cases?

A common question regarding child custody cases in Pennsylvania is, "does PA favor mothers in custody cases?" According to Pennsylvania law, there are no favored mothers in custody cases. In addition, Pennsylvania child custody law is specifically gender-neutral.

What Is the Difference between Joint Custody & Sole Custody?

When two people are getting divorced from each other, the primary terms regarding the parents’ ability to make key decisions in their children’s life are known as joint custody and sole custody. These determine the level of authority each parent has over the physical, social, and legal rights of their child.

In the case of sole custody, one of the parents takes the role of the primary custodian or guardian. This means that parent makes all the most significant decisions regarding the child’s physical well-being and significant life choices, as well as takes ownership of any legal responsibilities on behalf of the child. The non-custodial parent can still keep a healthy relationship with the child, but the visitation rights are specified and restricted. In contrast, joint custody refers to the scenario where both separated parents agree that they will each share the duties of caring for the child, not only physically but legally as well.

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