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Protecting You from Domestic Violence in Berks County

A sad but unfortunate truth is that not all individual members of families are able to resolve conflict peacefully. While it is natural to have arguments from time to time, in certain situations, rising emotions of anger, fear, and jealousy can lead to tragic acts of violence.

No matter which difficult circumstance you are facing, our experienced protection order lawyer in Reading can spot the distinctions and offer you the appropriate aid for filing the correct paperwork.

At the Law Office of Nikolas D. Capitano, The Leges Group LLC, we have seen the heavy toll domestic abuse can have on all family members, not only emotionally and physically but financially as well. People who find themselves in these agonizing situations seek our help in receiving protection from abuse. No matter your situation, our compassionate protection order attorney in Reading is ready to help you with an aggressive defense.

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What Should You Do When Being the Victim of Domestic Violence?

The most important thing you must remember is to immediately contact the police the moment you feel like you are in danger. No matter if the attacker is your spouse or a partner, a parent or a sibling, or anyone related or not related to your family, do not take any risks when there is a physical threat to you or your children.

What is a Protection from Abuse Order in PA?

Also called a “restraining order,” a Protection from Abuse Order is designed to keep the perpetrator of domestic abuse from endangering the physical, mental, or emotional safety of a victim. What normally happens is the alleged abusive member of the arrangement can no longer visit or approach the workplace, house, or school where the victim commonly frequents.

Moreover, the defendant cannot try to go behind the victim’s back and talk to a connected third party, be it a family member or a shared friend.

Penalties for Violating a Protective Order in Reading

It is a serious matter to violate a PFA. Some of the consequences which could arise from this allegation includes:

  • Being charged with a misdemeanor, which will go on the perpetrator’s record
  • Potentially being forced to spend up to six months in jail
  • Paying a large fine, with a maximum up to $1000

Eligibility to File for a Restraining Order

In order to be able to gain protection from abuse through a restraining order, there are certain factors that must be checked. Primarily, the abuser must specifically be a member of your family or your household. Alternatively, the abuser could be a romantic or sexual partner, whether currently, or in the past. However, if the person who is committing abuse, creating threats, or stalking you is not a member of your family, you must file a different application, known as a Protection from Intimidation.

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